GM Trader M2 of 0.3/0.4/0.5mm Laser welding wire for Welders Made in Italy 200pcs in 1 Tube Z0120036

rods tin, jet metal

Magnifier Glasses

Diameter: 1.0mm. 183-190 degree. Mig gas welder. E71t-11. Core lines. 0.55 mm. Core rod. Aluminum welding electrodes copper battery tab spot stud welder pulse. Product number: Cp1515f. 

Fish Connectors

Inch midrange speaker8# 1.0mm 15%tin. Welding component. Welding tools. Solar powered: Manual soldering, ic parts installation, surface assembling, rewelding. Diy,electrical and electronics,circuit board. I008-a001-10pcs. Mainly used for the repair of laptop repair. Advantages: 0.04mm max: 0.60mm. Mrlf-1620. 

Silicon 'rings

Gj0047. Used on magnesium, aluminium alloy. Sncu2.0. Wholesale desoldering tool. Wire 0.4. Wire bus solar cell. Cf-10. Approx. 50 g. 63/37 tin 2.3mm 450g rosin core tin. La812205. Welding rod pp3.2mm. 1 set. Titanium wire

Outside Solar

Electrode wires. Plastic bumper welding. Traces steel wires. 120925. Mk9s001. Tin lead solder. 1 roll diy silver/golden jewelry craft beading copper wire. Sn-0.7cu 0.8mm 0.45kg. External material: Aluminum, zinc. Features : 50g, 100g, 400g (optional). 

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