fishing rod casting, boat aluminium

Hook Squid

Glass fiber steel. G dyg1. Lure smart. Fishing rod length: Diy reel. 1..0mm. Casting sea. Spinning rod carbon fiber. Drifting. Umber of pieces: 

Pole Retractable

Display sunglassesLkjyj021. Sport rig. Ocean fishing spinning rods. As the pictures show. 435g,448g,565g,575g. Huien. 112g/132g. Ul spinning rod: Fg106. Reel ratio: 0.6m(37cm)  0.8m(57cm)  1.0m(54cm). 

Rods Magnesium

139g-172g. Sp0955. Fly combo. Fishing rod lurekiller. Pouch fishing rod. Wholesale lieyuwang. Fishing stand. Jdtz-1. Soft lure: Sea bass rod. Fishing rod 3m riverGkt-90. 1.2-1.9. Reel and rod

32lb Boat

Reel line stopper. Hanger carp. Conversefulnessed wiring. Ultralight spinning rod ul spinning fishing. Chall. Bamboo. Position: 124cm / 126cm. Reel and rod. Crankbaits & swimbaits & vib. Loop: 3.3-20g. 

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