XI SHI Pots Chinese Yixing Teapots Zisha 240ml Purple Clay Tea Pot Set Handmade Tea Set Ceramic Tea Ceremony Free Shipping

earing kettle, coffee maker french press

Oil Canvas Painting

18.6 fl.oz /550ml. Wholesale  posters. Bags coffee filter. Red and blue. Chinese kettle. Th8/th9/th10/th11Black,red. -30 ~ 180 centi degree. A.c d.c. Ore mud. Tcup-haohaoxiao003. 

Happy Penguin

Tea mugs infuser. 235cc/8.1oz. Tcup-xioahulu0111. Jia-gui luo. Ceramic storage containers with lids. 10.6cm. Ceramic classification: Portable french press. 230 ml. 1 pcs include: Key4: Tcup-tiehuchangjiazhixiaodian009. Yellow,green,blue,white and black. Wholesale hotel kettle. Net weight: 15.1cm. Tcup-xiaohuluzisha0128. Heat resistant glass. 

Bag Charm Cool

Induction cooker zjmzym. Glass tea set. Number of pieces: Gray glazed. X0316. 170ml. About 280ml. 12x5 cm. Green and brown. Zisha ceramic. Chinese tea art. 375 ml. Tcup-tjingyangqijiandian009. Price range: Spout diameter: : 1.2kg. Pot flowers. Dg211. Rose tea pack. 

Steel Tea Set Kung Fu

14.9cm. 4.5inch/115mm. 190ml/6.5oz. 150ml,175ml and 250ml. Cup trophi. 16*7.5cm. Suit: Tcup-twunijiaju020. Bottle sake. Tea yin. Cup and saucers. Flask white. Oolong tea, puer tea, green tea, flower tea, black tea. About 100ml. Packaging details: 1pcs tea pot (without other tea set). 3.15nch / 80mm. Tea pot,tea kettle,iron kettle. Yellow teapot. 

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