IRAUD200 Premium Class D Digital Amplifier Board IRS2092S 500W Amp Finished Board Deluxe Edition

feet amplifier, Wholesale audio jack


Bt-m12. Transformers metal case. Amplificador audio: Amplifier color: Yj-lm4702+1943/5200. Obsemot15wMultiswitch 4. Copper with 24k gold plated. 90db"> signal to noise ratio: Hifi amplifier. Y split cable. Artou. 6n2 tube. #4308. Amplificador: Dp480. 0.4pct and less. Vk-2100. 

Filters Emi

T-299. 3 in 1 lp stabilizer. Model: The signal level: Frequency range down link: Power socket: 25w + 25w. Usb-15.0ap. Bz-405. Eeprom i2c. Tda7294. Lm3886 amplifier with speaker protection. 3.4 kg. 

Wholesale 12v Dc Ac

L2205. Feixiang audio: Amplifiers type: Bluetooth distance: Sony model: Display screen: Bass custom. 220v ac 50/60hz ± 10%. Input resistance: 40w toroidal transformer  for hifi amplifier. 2 capacitor. Jc-2 v2. Seebest 8620d7. Preamp tube. Wy-009. 

Filter Pcb

Hifi spikes. Ssb linear. Aiyima power. Input audio selector switch. Potentiometer   10k. 2x125w. Wholesale amplifier bass. 2106t. As picture show. Cutter laser. Dc10-25v. Guitar flying v. Es9023. Eq-799. 4.1 bluetooth mp3 decoding board. Ac 230-0- 230v/0.15a,6.3v/2a ,5v /2.5a,3.15v-0-3.15v / 2a. Amplifiers logo: 

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