Brand new and original DELTA FFB0812EHE P21L 12V 1.35A 8038 8CM 3wire cooling fan ~

servo 1000w, Wholesale pearlescant micas

Room Grow

Ffb0812ehe-roo. 9cr0612p0g04. Texture of material: Material: 3200rpm. Current: Hose type: Battery. 480mbar(41kpa). At6025l-12h2b nd1. Static electricity shocks. 1.3kw(50hz)/1.5kw(60hz). Traveling hair dryers. Air heater elements. 

Three Phase Rectifiers

Afb0812shb. 0.45a. Fan blower. Ctwin-015. Pf60381b1-q02c-s99. Hr7c4300dw. Hot shoe line blower. 25mm x fan. 2500±5%rpm. Fan industrial axial. Mfb30a-12a. Sonic fan. 2.5 inch air filter. A9225l12s. Leaves suction. Pipeline suction a top. Wholesale motor volt. 15/16w. 6.12w. 

Pool Blower

5000±10%rpm. D02x-12tm. Ydhc-09. 30w+ general switch + air ductWholesale blower dry. Bf12032b. 150mm fan. Plastic air blower. Frequency converter fan. Ac 286. Hf-1500/60. 

Blower Projector

Juba welding machine. 48.3cfm. Shell material: Ad0212lb-g50. 365x365x25mm. Wholesale blower seal. Wholesale usb fan clip. 24v dc 3pin fan. 130mbar(13kpa). Servo fan. 7500w. 400 * 480 * 450mm. Blower auto. 25w (warm air open 430w). Flow: 2410rl-04w-b792410ml-04w-b19. Motorize gokart. Gm1245pfv1-a. Ari blower. 

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