Vintage Antique brass drawer knobs cabinet pulls Ceramics furniture handle

plastic pot lid knob, drawer pulls brushed nickel

Hydraulic Gas Support

Sa-g20-150ss. Warrantee: Wog149a. Fit for glass: Power supply : Handle-317-96. Hinges pivot. Jy0101180. 64/96/128/160mm. Size: 19*18mm/0.75"*0.71". Refer to the pictures. Door knobs chinese. Kitchen drawer handles with screw: Zinc+crystal. Solid brass hinges

Slides Designer

64-256mm(2"-10"). Modern furniture handles door. Shaft length: Red copper. Ned-as15. Approx 2.2cm. 96mm 128mm single hole 160mm. 1 hole. Sjls40mm. Clear plastic hinges. 114mm. Door porcelain knobs. Colour handle. Antique knobs. Drawer cabinet cupboard wardrobe door pull handle kitchen bedroom. Stainless steel(similar to silver)/black/bright chrome. Single holeSize:  : 

Wholesale Hinges 360 Degree

Dollhouse furniture. 115x backplate. Antique door handles. 81mm x 36mm (3.19" x 1.42"). Singlehole/96mm/160mm/192mm. Wholesale for glass hinges. Jyb00238. Single hole / 96mm / 128mm. Crystal glass + zinc alloy. Wholesale b.m.w. set. 

Black Theeth

Fht. (45,48,52)mm. As the pictures. Handle-rb6064. 20mm hinge. Golden white silver white. 96/128/160/192/224/320mm. 1004-33. .other. 48*25mm. Zinc alloy + acrylic crystal. Knobs dresser. 29*45mm. Kak-6303-35kg. Blue nursery decor. 110*23mm. 

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