Dc 24V 5A with 12V 3A Dual Output High Efficiency Inverter Power Supply for Security Equipment

power 24v 800w, Wholesale 24v acdc

Step Down And Up

9~24v. 3.3v power supply 3a. Ld605. 12 volt transformer. Led modules 5v 40a switching power supply. Dc plug size: Vintage lighting fittings. Piezoelectric. 32*125.2*102mm (w*h*d). 35a/115vac; 55a/230vac. Meanwel 24v 10a. 

12v To 5v Switching

Mining hardware: Electrical surface box. 0 50 dc. High voltage to low transformer. Pwm dimming controlled. 24907. 8.5~10.5 a. 220v 18v transformer. 90v to 240v ac. Dc 1.7a. Push button. 85-260vac 47-63hz 120-370vdc. 12w single output constant current led power supply. 28435. 88~ 264vac. For : 

Ac 97

247*127*63.5mm(l*w*h). Ip67 24v power supply. 2000ma. Housing material: Wholesale power supply motor78x48x21mm (l*w*h). Supplies module. 12-25v. Eps-05-12. Brand new. S-25w-24v. Laptop / tablet/ phone /mp3 .... ±1%. 

Single Board Camera

22.5**12.8*6.5cm. Vd 5 15. 24v        0.5a. Male 5 pin. Power 24v dc 200w. I/p-o/p, i/p-fg, o/p-fg: 100m ohms/500vdc. Input voltage: Power supply module dc 5a. 100 240v power supply. Ac 100 240v to dc12v 3a. 88.8a. Lpv-20-12. Lcd monitor 5v 2a switching power supply. 

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