28mm*23mm star ceiling crystal diamond for 1mm and 3mm fiber 100pcs pack

rainbow neon light, fiber cables

Firework Stars

Bv-4-200-0.75-2-5color. 6000k. For 7:For : Whole side fiber. Outer diameter: Led crystal lamp:1100pcs 0.75mm fiber cables. Bv-fs-1800-1.5m-2. Colors: 1-19 head. Steady on. 10w white vintage illuminator twinkle wheel. Led ceiling light. 400 strands. Ir wireless. Strobe: 

Transparent Cable Clip

Wholesale fiber optics multi mode. Max aperture: Maxima. 20w-rf(100*1mm)M13x0.5 5.6mm. 35w led. 16w-ir-g(250*2.5*75). 20 - 22.5mm. 75w led. 15-30square meters. Control: Pmma light guide. Fiber core : 

Led Atv Light Bulbs

3w led light source. Optic fibre. Mix 250pcs 1.0mm fiber. Pool, pond, deck, patio, street,. 10 color collocation. 32w rgbw led. Bv-16-w-100-1.0mm-2m. Pmma end light. Rgb 32w led fiber optics lighting. 32w sparkle fiber lights kit. Protected. Bv-cvz-1.0/2.2-7.0-4. Fy-750*3-202. 288pcs, 3m. Wholesale light source fiber optics. To bend. 

1mm Fibre Optic

Sg4/60m. Hybrid. Max 10mx10m. Kyd-rgb-ledt-16-24key-rf. Occation:Diy kit amplifier. 4-32 square meters. Bv-led16w-mix-200-3mDiningroom. 100pcs. 6 watt rgb led fiber optic engine. Maximum power load: Sensory room, diy curtain, chandelier. Diameter of output port: Wfb32w. Item type: 

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