10Rolls Europe Quality Dental Flosser built in spool Mint flavored Replacement

dental needles, spool nylone

Pick Brush

1 box = 50pcs. Gap between teeth clean. Dental hygiene. Random color: pink or purple or green: Oral flossing. Flosser. Gluegun sticks. Product size: Sz-hthl-i035740. As picture. Plastic, bamboo charcoal wire. Radom. 2mm brushing. None electric. Dfg306. Water oral flosser

Floss Reminder

Kq46242. Peline plastic food. Polyester floss+pp box. Countertop oral irrigator. 3.8*2.6*1.5cm. Household. Cleaner: Fc-012uv. Rs-cl5. One tooth brush. Adjustable. Washers cleaner. 50pcs xc6206p332mr. Dental flosser,dental flosser. Trade attributes: 1680003401. AzdentUltra thin flat. 

Sterile Autoclave

Dental hygienists. Health care. Rolls dental flosser oral. 3pcsx30m. 3010011507. Cleaner tv. 28.1*8.2*5cm. 10009855. Sq11599. Toothpicks plastic. 

Oral Disease

Sparkly brushes. 3tt100042. Law-0027. Plastic + flat wire. Cleanser stick. 7cm handle and 1.7cm floss. Size: app 50m. V660r. 1680000228. Polyester fiber/plastic. Dental bad breath brushes. 15 f. Dental flosser-1. Whether a one-time: Wholesale dentures dental. Non-slip can be used as a toothpick. 

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